Karen Millard

Pete and Repeat

One available male..Price is $800.00 updated 02/24/23


Bandit is 6 years old, very sweet, and gentle

About Our Rehoming Guests


My love for small dogs in desperate situations, in need, and a home to stay safe while in transition  has been a passion and dedication.

I have rescued and given a place to stay while in transition an undetermined amount of little dogs over 40 years. Our little guests have blessed our home in many ways and the greatest joy is placing them in the arms of their new forever homes. 

Some of our guests arrive due to their homes becoming unavailable, their owners becoming ill, deceased, aged, or hospitalized.  Some are just here in photo to help get the message out that they are looking for a home.

Please visit our page often if you are looking for that special lil fur ball waiting to be homed. 



Gypsy is 6 years old. Has small  cosmetic flaw, sweet, gentle, very cuddly.


Cooper is 6 months old. Full of fun, life, excitement, grins and giggles

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